Release Notes

Check out our release notes to learn more about Panther's latest features, bug fixes, and security enhancements.

v1.82 Sep 13, 2023
Added the ability to infer schemas from data streamed into Panther for custom HTTP log sources.
v1.81 Sep 6, 2023
Quickly create and modify custom detections by using Panther’s new Simple Detection builder in the Panther Console.
v1.80 Aug 30, 2023
Added the ability to grant the Panther Support Team read-only access to your instance for better assistance when troubleshooting technical issues.
v1.79 Aug 24, 2023
Exercise greater control over the GitHub logs you send to Panther with our new GitHub webhook integration.
v1.78 Aug 10, 2023
Added raw event filters to log sources, which allow you to filter raw events that are ingested into Panther by using regex or substring filters.
v1.77 Aug 3, 2023
Panther is now available as a provider with support for AWS S3 log sources in the HashiCorp Terraform Registry.