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“Panther’s architecture is perfect for modern technology organizations: easy to roll out, scalable, and with an interface that helps us centralize and expand several of our core security & compliance operations.”

Aaron Zollman, CISO, Cedar

Why Panther for Cloud-Native SIEM?

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Fast, effective threat detection at scale

Panther’s log ingestion engine turns disparate logs into a structured security data lake, with normalized fields for IPs, hashes, domain names, and other key information.

With Panther, you can easily (and quickly) conduct IoC searches across all log types in a single query or detection rule, saving valuable time during investigations and simplifying detection engineering. And, our platform analyzes logs as they are ingested, rather than waiting first for them to be indexed, giving you the fastest possible time to detection.

Robust, high-fidelity alerting

With traditional SIEM, detection engineering teams often struggle with learning proprietary programming languages and complex workflows. Panther embraces detection-as-code, which gives security teams the flexibility and familiarity of Python for coding detections, and the ability to leverage rich, shareable Python libraries, a CI/CD pipeline for easy code review, and data replay to test detections with actual data before moving them to production.

Panther enables teams to continuously improve detection quality and fidelity, reducing false positives and building confidence in alerting.

Zero operational overhead

Panther is delivered as a serverless, cloud-native platform that requires zero operational overhead for security teams, enabling them to focus on core security work instead of managing servers, storage, and upgrades.

And, Panther makes log ingestion effortless with out-of-the-box integrations for dozens of critical log sources like Duo, Okta, Slack, and Google Workspace, along with support for common data transports such as S3, SQS, and SNS.

Affordable, scalable data retention

Our cloud-native security data lake architecture separates storage from compute, so you can ingest and retain as much data as you need to gain full visibility, at an affordable cost. Your data is available for querying on-demand, any time, to support investigations, threat-hunting, and ad hoc analysis without the need to move things from cold to hot storage.

With Panther, you can quickly and easily query months of data with a moments’ notice so you can conduct swift, thorough investigations. 

FAQs About Cloud SIEM

A cloud-based SIEM is a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system that is hosted in the cloud instead of on-premises. Cloud-based SIEMs allow organizations to manage their security operations from a central location, helping them improve their security posture by providing real-time visibility into their network activity. Typically, they also enable security teams to detect and respond to threats quickly. Read more about cloud-based SIEMs here.

You can migrate your current SIEM (whether hybrid or On-Prem) by transporting your historical data to one of Panther’s supported data transport types – including AWS S3, SNS, Cloudwatch, SQS, or Google Cloud Storage. Once made available in a source, logs can be securely sent to Panther where they’re parsed, normalized, and analyzed with real-time detections.

SIEM as a service is a more modern delivery model in which the SIEM software and infrastructure are managed by a third party rather than by the customer. This can be an attractive option for organizations that lack the resources or expertise to deploy and manage their own SIEM system.
SIEM as a Service provides many advantages over traditional on-premises SIEM solutions. These advantages include lower total cost of ownership, faster time to value, and increased security. Additionally, SIEM as a Service can be more easily scaled to meet the needs of your organization. Ultimately, SIEM as a Service provides greater flexibility and options for deploying security monitoring and analytics.

No, not really. However, for security teams wondering if they can handle managing their threat detection and response in-house, there are some key factors to consider. First, deploying Panther enables security teams to focus on security rather than infrastructure management, with a security analytics platform delivered with no operational overhead. Plus, the universal toolsets we use from a dev standpoint make Panther a much easier solution to manage.

Scaling Security and Gaining Better Visibility

Learn how Cedar is securing health records for more than 10 million patients using detection-as-code and security automation with Panther.

Read the Story

Detect any threat, anywhere with Panther

  • Effortless data ingestion and IoC normalizations
  • Zero ops overhead with serverless architecture
  • 400+ built-in detections for popular SaaS and on-prem apps
  • Detection-as-code in Python with CI/CD workflow
  • 12-month minimum data retention
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