Release Notes

Check out our release notes to learn more about Panther's latest features, bug fixes, and security enhancements.

v1.72 Jun 22, 2023
Added the ability to create, read, update, and delete S3 log sources via the Panther API. This new feature makes it easier to manage large numbers of S3 log sources or infrastructure-as-code.
v1.71 Jun 15, 2023
Onboard Netskope audit logs with the new Netskope log puller.
v1.70 Jun 9, 2023
Added the ability to restrict the use of API tokens to specified IP addresses when editing or creating an API token.
v1.69 Jun 1, 2023
Improved the S3 log source onboarding and schema editing experience. You can now browse S3 bucket directories and contents from the Panther Console, and the process of selecting, inferring, and applying schemas has been simplified.
v1.68 May 24, 2023
Now generally available: Onboard Tines audit logs with the Tines log puller. Use this integration to monitor changes made by users to data in your Tines tenant.
v1.67 May 17, 2023
Onboard GitHub audit logs using GitHub's audit log streaming feature via AWS S3 or Google Cloud Storage.