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v1.62 Apr 12, 2023
Quickly construct, save, tag, and edit queries to search your data lake with the Query Builder in the Panther Console.
v1.61 Apr 5, 2023
Tune rules directly from alerts in the Panther Console. This allows you to more easily address false positives by quickly adding filters, streamlining your detection management workflow.
v1.60 Mar 29, 2023
You can now save, open, update, and add tags to queries that you create in Query Builder, enabling you to easily reference and work more quickly with frequently-used queries.
v1.59 Mar 22, 2023
You can now rotate your Panther API token via the Panther Console or the Panther API, enabling you to more easily enhance your security practices.
v1.58 Mar 16, 2023
Data Replay now includes rule filters and fully supports event threshold settings, enhancing your ability to test whether a detection is behaving as expected.
v1.57 Mar 9, 2023
Added support for programmatically creating, editing, and deleting cloud accounts through the Panther API for Cloud Security Scanning via policies.