A Modern SIEM
Built for the Cloud

Panther’s mission is to make security monitoring fast, flexible, and scalable for all security teams. We’re leading the evolution of security operations, helping security teams overcome the challenges of detection and response at scale.

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Our Founding Story

Over the last decade, the adoption of cloud and SaaS platforms has challenged security teams to defend a much larger attack surface area than ever before. Legacy SIEMs have failed to keep up with the massive growth of critical cloud data, resulting in significantly higher licensing and data storage costs, slower performance, limited investigation and detection capabilities, and frustrated security teams.

When Panther’s Founder Jack Naglieri faced similar challenges in his previous roles at Yahoo & Airbnb, he developed an open-source tool named StreamAlert. It was soon adopted by other cloud-first security teams, but many companies struggled to effectively wield StreamAlert’s command-line interface coupled with the overhead of managing an open-source tool. To make StreamAlert more accessible and scalable for security teams, Jack started Panther to create a more intuitive platform that could support the wide range of use cases security teams commonly struggle with today.

Making Security Teams Faster
and Smarter Than Attackers

Our Values

Be an Owner
It’s about taking responsibility, prioritizing thoughtfully, and always striving for greatness.
Create Customer Love
We engage our customers with empathy and respect, and gain trust by delivering security value.
Take Care of the Team
We treat others with empathy, share feedback constructively, and celebrate wins collectively.

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