Aug 30, 2023

A pretty quiet release this week—don’t worry, we’ve been busy working on some cool stuff in the background. Stay tuned over the next few weeks!

New and Noteworthy

  • Added the ability to grant the Panther Support Team read-only access to your instance for better assistance when troubleshooting technical issues.
    • While you can select a role for the Panther Support Team to assume, Panther employees are always restricted to read-only access, even if the assigned role has modification permissions. Panther employees cannot view, edit, or create API tokens, even if the role you assign them has those permissions.
    • Enabling Panther Support access does not modify any access permissions in AWS. Audit logs will be generated by actions taken by Panther employees in your instance, just like they are for regular users.
    • Only users with the “Edit Settings & SAML Preferences” (also known as GeneralSettingsModify) permission can grant the Panther Support Team access to an instance.
    • By default, Panther employees do not have access to your Panther instance.


  • Multiple backend enhancements and improvements for forthcoming features.