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Latest Release
v1.52 Jan 31, 2023
Expanded editing capabilities for custom schemas in the Panther Console. You can now rename and delete fields, as well as edit a field’s type property.
v1.51 Jan 24, 2023
Quickly construct queries to search your data lake with the new Query Builder in the Panther Console.
v1.50 Jan 10, 2023
Pull AWS Transit Gateway Flow logs with Panther’s new AWS Transit Gateway Flow log puller.
v1.49 Dec 13, 2022
Panther’s Slack Bot, an alert destination that allows you to interact with alerts directly in Slack, is now available in open beta to all customers.
v1.48 Nov 29, 2022
Updated the Panther Console UI with improved contextual information to help users understand where they are at a glance.
v1.47 Nov 15, 2022
Alert Management in the Panther Console is now available to all customers.