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Latest Release
v1.92 Dec 6, 2023
Use our new Splunk alert destination to send Panther alerts to Splunk.
v1.91 Nov 29, 2023
Use the new Summary tab on search results to quickly understand what is and is not important when triaging an alert, investigating a potential breach, or threat hunting.
v1.90 Nov 16, 2023
Added the ability to use prefix exclusion filters with GCS sources.
v1.89 Nov 9, 2023
Added the ability to manually resize columns in search results tables and significantly improved the load time of the Log Sources page in the Panther Console.
v1.88 Nov 6, 2023
Added support for GCP, Google Workspace, Azure, and Microsoft 365 audit logs to the Panther Core Fields (UDM)
v1.87 Oct 26, 2023
Onboard AWS Security Hub data with our new built-in log source integration.