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Latest Release
v1.68 May 24, 2023
Now generally available: Onboard Tines audit logs with the Tines log puller. Use this integration to monitor changes made by users to data in your Tines tenant.
v1.67 May 17, 2023
Onboard GitHub audit logs using GitHub's audit log streaming feature via AWS S3 or Google Cloud Storage.
v1.66 May 10, 2023
Added a histogram to the Query Builder that provides a visualization of query results by time.
v1.65 May 3, 2023
Improved the S3 log source onboarding experience. Use simplified workflows, infer multiple schemas, including from historical data, and browse S3 bucket directories and content from the Panther Console.
v1.64 Apr 26, 2023
Panther now supports HTTP log ingestion, allowing you or a third party to send log events and alerts directly to Panther with a webhook call.
v1.63 Apr 19, 2023
In the Panther Console, in the Dashboard’s Data tab, the total volume of events processed now accurately displays data for all ingested log types.