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Latest Release
v1.43 20 Sep, 2022
The Intercom Messenger, Panther’s in-app service for customer support, is now available through the Panther Console.
v1.42 6 Sep, 2022
The Panther Console navigation has been redesigned to improve the user experience and streamline workflows.
v1.41 23 Aug, 2022
In closed beta: assign role-based access control (RBAC) per log type in the Data Explorer.
v1.40 9 Aug, 2022
New schemas added for AWS, GCP, Suricata, and Zeek.
v1.39 27 Jul, 2022
Pull Dropbox Event Logs with Panther’s new Dropbox log puller. Monitor Dropbox team events like user login to Dropbox (including device info), creating and sharing links with your team, and more.
v1.38 12 Jul, 2022
You can now quickly summarize individual columns in the Data Explorer, which allows you to sift through data without needing to write SQL.