Release Notes

Check out our release notes to learn more about Panther's latest features, bug fixes, and security enhancements.

v1.100 Feb 21, 2024
Our built-in Carbon Black, Netskope, and Tenable log sources are out of their open beta phase and are now generally available.
Latest Release
v1.99 Feb 14, 2024
Added the ability to configure dynamic severity, alert context, and groupby functions for Simple Detections in the Panther Console.
v1.98 Feb 7, 2024
Ingest Amazon Security Lake logs using our new built-in integration.
v1.97 Jan 31, 2024
Quickly investigate your data using the new OR filters, filter groups, and IoC searching functionalities in the Panther Search tool.
v1.96 Jan 25, 2024
Use our newly released support for Parquet files to ingest, analyze, and detect off of even more of your data. Ingest Microsoft Defender and Azure Monitor logs using this new functionality.
v1.95 Jan 17, 2024
panther-analysis version 3.32.0 was released, featuring four new detections for Notion, improvements to existing Notion detections, and other enhancements.