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Panther alleviates the pain of traditional SIEMs with detection-as-code, a robust security data lake, and high scalability with zero-ops.

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Transform raw logs into structured and normalized data to power fast searches


Build a high-fidelity alerting pipeline with Python, version control, unit tests, and CI/CD

Security Workflows

Transform raw logs into a structured data warehouse for security at scale


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Panther is a modern SIEM that transforms terabytes of raw logs per day into a structured security data lake to power real-time detection, swift incident response, and thorough investigations.


Research and Insight Into Cybersecurity

Optimize CloudTrail Ingestion with Modern SIEM

CloudTrail is a single log source that is made to consolidate visibility across numerous AWS resources. It provides a single source of truth for auditing and security events. Learn how Modern SIEMs scale with your AWS usage and CloudTrail volume allowing growth without sacrificing visibility.


How Dropbox uses Detection-as-Code for AWS Threats

How Panther helped Dropbox implement software development best practices for their detection logic.


Adeel Saeed on How to Move from A Reactive to a Proactive Threat Detection & Response Model

Adeel is an experienced technology strategist and digital transformation leader with extensive hands-on technology and information security management experience and has led multiple large scale complex technology transformation projects.