Threat Detection Reinvented for the Cloud

Analyze terabytes of data in real-time to quickly detect and investigate threats.

Near Real-Time Detections
Analyze and run detections on streaming security data as it is ingested to create alerts in near-real time. Write custom detections as-code to detect the most advanced threats.
Cloud Scale Ingest and Search
Ingest petabytes of security data from all of your log sources with infinite scalability and search across 100% hot data
Zero Operational Overhead
Eliminate operational overhead from managing infrastructure so your security teams can focus on fighting threats, not battling a legacy SIEM architecture.
Efficient Workflows with Detection-as-Code
Panther leverages detection-as-code (DaC) to provide a modern, flexible, and structured approach to writing and managing detections with software engineering best practices. By using versioning, testing, QA, and automation, DaC enables hardened detections that identify sophisticated threats across rapidly expanding environments.
Real-Time Detections Upon Ingest
In a breach, time is crucial. Panther ensures near real-time threat detection by analyzing logs and applying detection logic upon ingestion, allowing your team to quickly identify and mitigate security incidents. Enhance incident response with enriched alerts for context. Send alerts to any destination for efficient routing, triage, and automation.
Security Data Lake
Panther runs on a robust security data lake infrastructure in Snowflake for more effective threat detection and response workflows. With a data lake storing your critical security logs, you get fast search performance on massive data sets with a full year of retention included out of the box, without the added complexity from legacy SIEM vendors.
Escape Cloud Noise. Detect Security Signal.
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