Threat Detection Platform

Analyze terabytes of data in real-time to quickly detect and investigate threats

“Panther’s architecture is perfect for modern technology organizations: easy to roll out, scalable, and with an interface that helps us centralize and expand several of our core security & compliance operations.”

Aaron Zollman, CISO, Cedar

Fast Detection & Response

When facing a breach, time is the enemy. With Panther, your security team can detect threats in near real-time by analyzing logs as they are ingested, giving you the fastest possible time to detection.

Expedite your incident response further by adding dynamic context to alerts – enabling more efficient routing, triage and automation downstream. Alerts get to the right person at the right time.

High-Fidelity Alerts

Detection engineering teams often struggle with learning the proprietary programming languages and complex workflows they are required to use with traditional SIEM solutions. With Panther, teams can easily create, test, and harden detections directly in the UI or with a CLI-based workflow – all while alleviating the pain of alert fatigue.

By leveraging Python, Panther gives teams more power and flexibility in how they write detections, eases the learning curve, and opens up a broader talent pool to recruit from. Ultimately, adopting software development best practices for detection engineering results in better quality detections.

Massive Scalability

Your security team shouldn’t have to sacrifice security visibility because a monitoring solution doesn’t support certain data types or because the dataset is too large for cost-effective ingestion.

Panther’s serverless architecture enables you to ingest data from all your sources – system, network, cloud, or application – at any volume. Plus, Panther normalizes data as it’s ingested — so high-value fields like IPs and domains are consistent across log types. And unlike other solutions, your costs won’t skyrocket as you ingest more data.

Zero Operational Overhead

With traditional SIEM, security teams typically face skyrocketing costs to keep up with the growth of cloud app data due to expensive, legacy server-based architecture. Critical time and energy is diverted away from security to grapple with burdensome system administration, DevOps, and capacity planning.

With Panther, security teams can focus efforts on their core mission of security, rather than worrying about setting up ETL to bring data into their SIEM, spinning up new servers as data volumes increase or more query power is needed.

FAQs About Threat Detection

Detection engineering is an ongoing process in which security teams deploy, tune, and manage logic rules that analyze system data for the purposes of detecting active threats in systems. When threats are found, alerts are generated, security analysts triage the alerts, and incident response and remediation processes are initiated if required. Detection engineering is only possible when an organization has a firm grasp on its IT infrastructure and the data it generates.

Yes. Panther provides security teams, threat researchers and key stakeholders with the threat intelligence to defend against attackers. Panther enables you to access the critical data you need to grasp the ramifications of current and past attacks as well as predict and prevent future attacks. Panther’s threat intelligence provides context and is actionable, timely, and understandable decision-makers.

With an evolving threat landscape, new threats are emerging all the time. Panther enables your security team to detect and respond to both common and advanced threats. Some of the most common types of threats include malware, ransomware, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, botnets and phishing. More advanced threats include zero-day, blended, and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

Scaling Security and Gaining Better Visibility

Learn how Cedar is securing health records for more than 10 million patients using detection-as-code and security automation with Panther.

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Detect any threat, anywhere with Panther

  • Effortless data ingestion and IoC normalizations
  • Zero ops overhead with serverless architecture
  • 400+ built-in detections for popular SaaS and on-prem apps
  • Detection-as-code in Python with CI/CD workflow
  • 12-month minimum data retention
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