Hunt Threats at Cloud Scale

Hunt for IoCs across all your security data to identify unknown security threats before they become security incidents

Search Without Limits
Empower your team to hunt threats across all your data proactively. Search a year of data with super-fast queries to identify and mitigate threats quickly.
Intuitive Query Workflows
Quickly hunt for threats with seamless search and query workflows that don’t require complex proprietary query languages.
Automate Threat Hunts
Leverage Panther’s saved search capabilities to automate and schedule complex queries to detect new threats and identify risk trends.
100% Hot Data Storage
Panther provides one year of hot data storage out-of-the-box so threat hunters can search across all their data to identify threats and trends, before they become incidents. Panther’s log ingestion engine turns disparate logs into a structured security data lake, with normalized fields for IPs, hashes, domain name and other key information.
Global IoC Search
Swiftly conduct IoC searches across diverse logs in a single query. Save time in investigations, streamline detection engineering, and Panther platform analyzes logs upon ingestion for the fastest time to detection.
Schedule Queries for Max Coverage
Automate threat hunting queries across all of your log data to bring more context to your threat detection efforts. By scheduling searches to run on timed intervals against your security data lake, user and machine behavior can be evaluated across applications and systems to identify previously unknown malicious activity.
Escape Cloud Noise. Detect Security Signal.
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