Oct 5, 2023

New and Noteworthy

  • Use our new unified Search experience to search across all of your data—including log events, rule matches, and more—without writing SQL.
    • Use dropdown fields to create filter expressions, which contain your search logic, free search terms, or match patterns.
    • Filter expressions can be constructed in different ways: as key/value pairs, a free text search, or a regular expression search. Each of these can also use wildcard characters. You can combine different types of filter expressions in one search.
    • Search is only available to customers with a Snowflake data lake. It is not available to Panther instances with an Athena data lake.
    • To reflect the changes to our search tool, many instances of the word “query” have been changed to “search” in the Panther Console.
  • Easily monitor the volume of data ingested per log source into your Panther instance as well as log source health using the new ingestion monitoring dashboard on the Log Sources page in the Panther Console.
  • Enrich your data using our new Anomali ThreatStream integration.
    • Note that this integration requires an Anomali ThreatStream license.

The preceding features are in open beta and available to all customers.

Now Generally Available

  • Our improvements to the detection editor UI in the Panther Console and our field discovery feature are now generally available.


  • Okta and G Suite enrichment sources can now be set up via the enrichment wizard available in the Enrichment section of the Panther Console.

Schema Changes

Panther Developer Workflows


Previous Releases

v1.84 Sep 27, 2023
Now generally available: Infer schemas from data streamed into Panther for custom HTTP log sources.
v1.83 Sep 20, 2023
Now generally available: Pull log data directly from your Azure container by using our Azure Blob Storage Data Transport integration.
v1.82 Sep 13, 2023
Added the ability to infer schemas from data streamed into Panther for custom HTTP log sources.