Enhance Splunk with Panther’s Cloud-first Security Analytics

Panther brings cloud-native architecture, detection-as-code and near real-time detection to Splunk.

Expand Visibility by Ingesting All Logs
Ingest all security data with Panther’s cost-effective, high-performance data lake for complete visibility into high-volume cloud security logs.
Enrich Splunk with Python Detections
Implement robust Python-based Detection-as-Code to boost Splunk efficiency instantly. Customize or create detections effortlessly.
Streamline with Cloud-Native Architecture
Unlock accelerated incident detection and threat response with real-time detections and one year of searchable security data.
Setting up Splunk as a Panther Alert Destination
Learn how to connect Panther and Splunk easily in a quick two-minute video. Utilize Panther’s fast, cloud-native ingestion and integrate Splunk for alerts.
Unlock Detection Engineering in Splunk
Discover how Panther’s real-time detections and alerts enhance Splunk and support high-fidelity triage, investigation, and response workflows.

How It Works

Panther brings a cloud-native architecture, Detection-as-Code, and near real-time detections to Splunk.

Escape Cloud Noise. Detect Security Signal.
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