I love your product. It's exactly what we were trying to build ourselves.

Jan Urbanc, Director of Security Operations

Real-Time Alerting

Detect suspicious activity as soon as it happens across your entire environment and dispatch helpful, contextual, and informative alerts.

Monitor Logs and AWS

Secure your entire AWS environment with custom and out-of-the-box detections

Analyze Data in Stream

Get alerted in real-time about suspicious activity across your environment

Reduce Noise

Avoid alert flooding with event grouping and alert thresholds

Context-Rich Alerts

Contextualize alerts and enable automation with event-specific data

AWS Cloud Security

Continuously monitor your AWS cloud infrastructure with policies-as-code for strong security and ongoing compliance.

Daily Cloud Scans

Monitor your entire AWS environment for changes and misconfigurations

Resource Visibility

Understand your cloud footprint by modeling AWS resources as JSON

Configuration Changelogs

Store a history of AWS compliance scans in a robust security data lake.

Compliance Out-of-the-Box

Map detections to frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK and CIS to bootstrap your compliance.

Collect and Store All of Your Security Logs

Parse, normalize, and retain all of your security data in a cloud-native security data lake that scales with your organization.

Well-Structured Data

Build a scalable security program powered by clean data

Zero-Ops, Massive Scale

Process terabytes of data per day with serverless architecture

Long-Term Retention

Power comprehensive investigations with 12-months of data or more

Historical Analysis Alerting

Correlate sophisticated attacker behaviors with scheduled queries and alerts

Threat Hunting and Investigations

Track attacker behaviors across your entire environment to proactively and reactively defend against sophisticated attacks.

Correlate Activity

Track activity across your entire environment with normalized data

Fast Searches

Run fast searches with columnar data and unlimited computing power

Analytics with SQL

Extract useful insights from your data with ad-hoc and scheduled queries

Visualize with BI

Visualize your data with best-of-breed tools like Tableau and Mode

Automated Response

Automate level-one alert triage so your team can focus on high-value tasks like investigations and detection engineering.

Connect Your SOAR

Automate level-1 remediation by sending alerts to downstream tools like Tines

Integrate Custom Pipelines

Dispatch alerts to your existing automation workflows

Scaling Security and Gaining Better Visibility

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