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Today’s security landscape demands Code-Driven SecOps. Panther brings detection-as-code, intuitive investigations, and a high-performance platform to distill signal and eliminate noise at cloud scale.

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Key Features

Detection-as-code delivers superior alert fidelity, performance, and threat coverage versus legacy SIEM detections. Deploy out-of-the-box rules and bespoke Python detections to increase signal and reduce noise.
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Unified Data Model
Panther’s Unified Data Model provides a more seamless and efficient investigation and response experience at cloud-scale. Enable rapid searches across all your log types for superior IoC discovery.
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Correlation Rules
Minimize noise by correlating disparate events across log types and users to focus your team on the alerts that matter. Define how alerts interact to create custom alerting workflows that reflect your risk model.
Security Data Lake
Leverage industry leading data lakes to centralize and store security data for enhanced visibility and faster investigations. Normalized data delivers top query speeds for efficiency during investigations when every second counts.
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Serverless Architecture
Panther’s use of AWS Lambda’s and data lake backends auto scale with your team as you grow. Serverless architecture means no overhead maintenance for your team and lower total cost of ownership for your company to stress over.
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