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A modern approach to security operations leveraging detections-as-code.

“Panther has made it easier to test, maintain, and collaborate across our teams. By adopting Python for detections and code-driven workflows for detection management, our team has been able to build better rapport with the product engineering squads who use the same tools and processes – now, our security team uses the same GitHub repo, code editor, continuous integration and testing tools as other teams.”

Aaron Zollman - CISO, Cedar

Bitstamp Deploys New Detections In Seconds, Not Days

“With traditional tooling, getting a new detection to production took hours and hours of engineering time. With Panther, deployment takes seconds.”

Jan Urbanc - Head of Security Operations

Intercom builds high-value detections that minimize alert fatigue

“We love Panther. One of the key reasons we chose Panther is the time saved for our team. We can focus on what is unique to us; detections that allow us to monitor our environment, and having the infrastructure to do the monitoring.”

Jacopo Scrinzi - Staff Security Engineer, Intercom

What Our Customers are Saying

"The team at Panther are some of the best people I have had the pleasure of interacting with. They have created a great product that mixes technical capability with ease of use."

VP of Engineering, Mid-Market

"Panther's approach to detections as code allows our team to implement the same SDLC processes to our detections as the rest of our tooling and in the same language, Python."

Security User, Computer Security

"Panther is a world-class solution to complex information security problems. It is simple and intuitive to use yet still incredibly powerful and flexible."

Administrator, Computer Software

Asana Uses Engineering Principles to Automate Detection and Response Workflows with Panther


With Panther, Bitstamp Deploys New Detections In Seconds, Not Days


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Intercom Builds High-Value Detections That Minimize Alert Fatigue


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