Episode 20

Rapyd’s Nir Rothenberg on Lessons Learned Transitioning from On-Prem to Cloud

Nir Rothenberg is the CISO at Rapyd, managing security and IT for the soaring Fintech company, on a mission to ensure that the future of financial services will be democratized and secure. 

Prior to Rapyd, Nir led information security in NSO Group, a well known cyber-intelligence company, where he was charged with protecting a high profile and high risk enterprise. Before NSO Group, Nir worked as a consultant, helping with some of Israel's leading companies to reduce risk and improve information security. Nir is very active in Israel's cyber startup scene, advising and partnering with many of them.

In today’s episode, Nir and Jack discuss lessons learned in transitioning from an on-prem environment to cloud infrastructure, building a modern team, scaling at Rapyd, and tips to help organizations build a modern security team that’s capable of detection and response at scale. 

Topics discussed:

  • Nir’s unconventional path to becoming a CISO.
  • How Nir’s mentality shifted in his transition from detection in an on-prem environment to cloud and the pivotal moment he realized he had to move to cloud or be left behind. 
  • What Nir learned about threat detection at scale when he moved to Rapyd. 
  • Why Nir is against SOCs and his alternate systems. 
  • How Nir had to change his approach to detection at scale as Rapyd scaled.
  • Cybersecurity nuances in the finance industry. 
  • Three pieces of advice for leaders building a modern security team and who he sees succeed the most. 

Keep in touch with Nir on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nir-rothenberg-5a6b48ba/


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