Episode 44

Inductive Automation’s Jason Waits on Building Scalable Security Programs Through Automation

In our latest episode of Detection at Scale, Jason Waits, CISO at Inductive Automation, shares insights learned in his journey from network administration to cybersecurity and the importance of SCADA systems. 

He dives into the value of automation, ML, and AI in security operations, highlighting the need for asking the right questions for efficient data analysis. Jason also discusses building a security team with a focus on detection and response, leveraging automation for faster investigations. 

Topics discussed:

  • The role of SCADA systems in various industries and the importance of security in OT environments.
  • The challenges and strategies in building a security program for scale, focusing on automation and infrastructure as code.
  • The impact of IT-OT convergence on security issues and the need for enhanced controls and monitoring in interconnected systems.
  • Embracing automation in security operations, including detection engineering and automating response actions for efficiency and scalability.
  • Utilizing enrichment techniques for contextual data analysis and the significance of data sources for effective security investigations.
  • The use of ML and AI in security operations, particularly in natural language querying and data analysis for actionable insights.
  • Jason's advice on building a successful security team, emphasizing automation, staying informed on industry trends, and fostering collaboration with engineering teams.

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