Episode 43

Panther’s Jack Naglieri on Navigating the New Role of Detection Engineering in Cybersecurity (Special Episode)


In our recent special Hot Ones-style episode of Detection at Scale, Panther CEO Will Lowe and Founder & CTO Jack Naglieri sit down to taste hot sauces and talk hot topics in the field of cybersecurity. Jack shares his evolution from security professionals to founders, emphasizing the importance of experience and understanding attacker profiles. 

Jack also gives his insights on the foundational skills to becoming a detection engineer, including building detection engineering functions and having war room experience. He also discusses the evolving role of AI in the security field, such as its usefulness in generating code for detection programs. 


Topics discussed:

  • Jack’s transition from practitioner to company founder, emphasizing the importance of saying yes to opportunities and keeping an open mind.
  • Building detection engineering functions with a focus on understanding what needs to be detected and why.
  • The significance of measurement in detection engineering and the importance of a growth mindset for continuous improvement.
  • The importance of understanding the experiences of security practitioners and software engineers.
  • The role of war room experience in understanding attacker profiles and the importance of incident response strategies to prepare for a role as a detection engineer.
  • The importance of sharing knowledge and experiences within the cybersecurity community. 


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