Episode 42

The Duckbill Group’s Corey Quinn on What Billing Data Can Tell Us About AWS Security

In a recent episode of the Detection at Scale podcast recorded at the RSA conference, Jack chats with Corey Quinn, Chief Cloud Economist at The Duckbill Group, an AWS cost-management agency. They talked about the intersection of security and billing in the context of AWS environments, highlighting the significance of observability through billing data to enhance security measures. 

Corey also discussed key offenders in AWS services for security and highlighted the challenges companies face in determining optimal investments in security services. Throughout our discussion, Corey offers valuable takeaways on navigating the evolving landscape of AWS security practices and optimizing billing strategies for enhanced cloud security.

Topics discussed:

  • The importance of observability via billing data to bolster AWS security measures and optimize investments in security services.
  • How to identify key security offenders in AWS services to enhance cloud security practices and mitigate potential breaches.
  • The challenges in determining optimal security investments within AWS environments.
  • Detecting potential breaches through AWS billing insights and the significance of understanding billing intricacies for security enhancements.
  • The impact of billing data on identifying security vulnerabilities and navigating the AWS security landscape with enhanced strategies.
  • The role of services like Route 53 in bolstering security measures and considerations for AWS spending on security services. 

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