Episode 4

Navigating Security Team Roles with Cassio Goldschmidt

Cassio Goldschmidt is the Senior Director and CISO at ServiceTitan. Awarded for his leadership in cyber security, he has over 20 years of experience in various technology companies. He has been a speaker at the most respected international conferences and even helped improve the security integrity of Brazil's voting system.

In today's episode, Cassio shared unique insights on the importance of bringing the right people for your company needs, whether you are a startup or a fortune 500.

Who is best for what? When is the right time for outsourcing? What kind of experts should you bring to your team in the beginning? We asked Cassio these questions and also dove into leadership, decision making, and what the future demands for security teams will be.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How Cassio got into security and became a security leader.
  • The differences of building a modern security team in established companies and startups.
  • How to decide when it’s the right moment to do it yourself as a first security hire vs hiring other teams.
  • What kind of experts you want to bring in to your team at early stages.
  • Recommendations on the composition of a detection team.
  • Cassio's approach for getting around false positives.
  • Major challenges with implementing SIEMs.
  • Metrics to gauge the effectiveness of a detection program.
  • How security demands will evolve over time.
  • 3 pieces of actionable advice to succeed at effective detection at scale.

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