Continuously audit your Lambda configurations and enforce security compliance as code with Panther.

AWS Lambda is a service that allows you to run code without provisioning or managing servers. You can code virtually any type of application or service and set up automatic triggers from other AWS services. Use Panther to track real-time changes to your Lambda service to ensure configurations meet your business requirements for security and compliance.

Monitoring Lambda is critical for understanding the history of function changes and detecting suspicious activity. Use Panther’s built in policies for continuous monitoring of Lambda resources, or write your own detections in Python to fit your internal business use cases.

Use Cases

Common security use cases for AWS Lambda with Panther include:

  • Monitor the health and performance of all your Lambda functions
  • Ensure the most secure configuration possible
  • Keep track of changes to infrastructure
  • Identify exceptions within your AWS environment and remediate quickly

How it Works

The integration is simple and fast:

  • Connect your AWS account to Panther
  • A baseline scan is performed to identify all existing Lambda functions in your AWS account(s)
  • Built-in detections identify security issues
  • Alerts will be sent to your team for remediation

Use Panther to search all Lambda functions in an AWS account by name, view their compliance status, associated policies, and configured remediations. Learn more about using Panther to analyze your AWS logs for security insights.

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