Cloud Security Monitoring

Get unified visibility into your cloud environment with real-time scanning along with out-of-the-box detections for monitoring misconfigured infrastructure, following compliance, and threat detection.

“Panther’s architecture is perfect for modern technology organizations: easy to roll out, scalable, and with an interface that helps us centralize and expand several of our core security & compliance operations.”

Aaron Zollman, CISO, Cedar

Why Panther for Cloud Security Monitoring?

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Focus on Security, Not Ops

As cloud app data continues to multiply, security teams face more pressure to manage numerous log types. In addition, maintaining legacy server-based architecture and solutions is costly.

For security teams, time, energy, and budget are precious commodities. With Panther, you can focus efforts on your core mission of cloud security, instead of worrying about spinning up/down infrastructure, setting up ETL into your SIEM, or indexing and querying subsets of data to reduce cost.

Effortless Data Ingestion

Typically, building and maintaining a log-ingestion pipeline requires significant overhead. With each new log source, security teams must expend manual effort just to keep up.

But with Panther, you get built-in support for common data transports such as S3, SQS, GCS, and out-of-the-box integrations for critical log sources like Okta, Crowdstrike, Slack, G Workspaces, and more. Panther provides fast log ingestion at scale with virtually unlimited data retention.

High Fidelity Alerts

Limitations of proprietary detection languages often burden traditional SIEM solutions — making writing, testing and maintaining complex detections challenging and inefficient.

With Panther, you can create flexible, powerful and highly customizable Python-based detections. Whether you leverage Panther’s diverse out-of-the-box detection packs or customize them to suit your cloud environment, you’ll get a built-in testing framework for creating detections directly in the UI or with a CLI-based workflow.

Reduce SIEM Costs Dramatically

The exorbitant licensing costs typically associated with traditional SIEMs force security teams to limit the data they collect, obstructing their full visibility. Legacy SIEM also brings about poor performance and slow query speeds, impeding incident investigations and routine security monitoring.

With Panther’s efficient, highly-scalable serverless architecture, your SIEM costs drastically diminish. Plus, you’ll gain lightning-fast query speeds and full security visibility.

FAQs About Cloud Security Monitoring

Absolutely. In fact, before Panther was created, founder Jack Naglieri joined Airbnb to implement a security monitoring solution for their cloud-native environment. Jack and his team evaluated all commercially viable options, but no existing solutions could deliver on the scale, cost, and overhead requirements for a small security team to protect a massive environment. They ultimately decided to build and open-source their solution, based on an AWS serverless architecture and called it StreamAlert. And that’s Panther’s serverless origin story.

Panther supports numerous data sources, and you can find a list here. With Panther, you can even define your own log types by adding a Custom Log Type entry. You can learn more about custom log types here.

For security teams tasked with monitoring cloud security, alert fatigue presents a significant hurdle. To address this challenge, Panther and GreyNoise have partnered to provide integrated, out-of-the-box threat intelligence in the Panther threat detection platform that identifies and classifies noisy IP addresses that are mass scanning the internet. With this innovation, security teams can focus on critical alerts and reduce alert fatigue by crafting detection and alerting logic that intelligently rules out internet background noise and other innocuous activity.

With Panther, you can: 

  • Immediately flag activity from known bad actors
  • Improve detection fidelity  using contextual data to evaluate network behaviors
  • Reduce false positives by suppressing alerts from internet background noise
  • Accelerate investigations and reduce MTTR by adding context to alerts

Scaling Security and Gaining Better Visibility

Learn how Cedar is securing health records for more than 10 million patients using detection-as-code and security automation with Panther.

Read the Story

Detect any threat, anywhere with Panther

  • Effortless data ingestion and IoC normalizations
  • Zero ops overhead with serverless architecture
  • 400+ built-in detections for popular SaaS and on-prem apps
  • Detection-as-code in Python with CI/CD workflow
  • 12-month minimum data retention
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