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How Zapier Uses Detection-as-Code to Increase Their Alert Fidelity

Burdened by false positive alerts and grappling with outdated approaches to detection and response, security teams face challenges such as analyst fatigue, slow response times, and the risk of missed threats. Without modern detection creation and iteration methods, teams find themselves stuck reviewing poor-quality alerts triggered by generic rules.

Detections-as-code empowers teams to prioritize high-value alerts and reduce false positives, enabling a stronger security posture with fewer resources.

Join us for this webinar to learn how you can use DaC to improve your alert fidelity. You’ll hear from Michael Kuchera, Zapier’s Security Incident Response Leader, about how he has transformed Zapier’s Detection & Response with DaC.


Katie Campisi

Katie Campisi

Product Marketing Manager | Panther


Michael Kuchera

Michael Kuchera

Team Lead, Security Detection and Response | Zapier

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