Episode 40

Josh Liburdi on Brex’s Innovative Approach to Data Quality in SecOps

In this episode, Jack Naglieri speaks to Josh Liburdi, Staff Security Engineer at Brex. Josh explains the process of developing their new security data pipeline toolkit, Substation and how it has been working. He also discusses the importance of quality data, highlighting the impact of data transformation. 

Josh also shares his insights on the value of human analysis in SecOps and modern incident response strategies, from handling alerts to understanding program gaps. 

Topics discussed:

  • The development process of Substation, a security data pipeline toolkit to enhance log collection and data quality for threat detection
  • The importance of quality data in security operations and how sometimes it is helpful to collect it even if you don’t analyze it right away.
  • The data transformation process and its impact on threat detection, as well as how it’s made the team at Brex more efficient.
  • Enhancing the ability to write better rules after implementing Substation.
  • Josh's advice for security practitioners: it’s ok to seek help and “soft skills” are important. 

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