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How To Reduce Alert Fatigue with Panther and GreyNoise

Security teams are slammed with too many alerts. Everyone in the SOC is too busy, it seems like every alert is critical, and there’s never enough time to get all the work done.

To address this challenge, Panther and GreyNoise have partnered to provide integrated, out-of-the-box threat intelligence in the Panther threat detection platform that identifies and classifies noisy IP addresses that are mass scanning the internet.

With this innovation, security teams can focus on critical alerts and reduce alert fatigue by crafting detection and alerting logic that intelligently rules out internet background noise and other innocuous activity.

Jack Naglieri and Andrew Morris, founders of Panther and GreyNoise discuss how this new integration helps security teams: 

  • Immediately flag activity from known bad actors
  • Improve detection fidelity using contextual data to evaluate network behaviors
  • Reduce false positives by suppressing alerts from internet background noise
  • Accelerate investigations and reduce MTTR by adding context to alerts

Hosted by: Brad LaPorte, former Gartner analyst & cybersecurity expert.


Jack Naglieri

Jack Naglieri

Founder, CTO @ Panther Labs
Andrew Morris

Andrew Morris

Founder, CEO @ GreyNoise

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