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Why Your Security Pipeline is Broken–And How to Fix It

The SIEM monolith is fading in favor of modular building blocks that enable efficient and performant ingestion, detection, and response workflows. This shift starts with refactoring data pipelines for the flexibility needed to eliminate noisy alerts and keep infrastructure costs low. But  aligning people, process, and technology to make it happen is easier said than done. 

Join us to learn how to approach balancing scale, efficiency, performance, and cost considerations to transform your SecOps strategy. We will review a range of strategic considerations and practical tips to building data pipelines and managing security infrastructure to eliminate noise, streamline detections and investigations, and drastically reduce TCO. 

We’ll cover:

  • Strategic planning considerations spanning cost, threat models, log priority, compliance requirements, and more
  • Approaches to reducing storage and processing costs by prioritizing data sources for immediate threat detections vs historical analysis
  • Data pipeline capabilities across routing, parsing, normalizing, filtering, etc. with practical examples on how to use them in your environment
  • Benefits that efficient data pipelines deliver downstream to detections and correlations for identifying complex attacks
  • Generative AI capabilities that help supercharge workflows built on this foundation 
  • And much more


Bryan Peace

Bryan Peace

Principal Product Marketing Manager


Panos Sakkos

Panos Sakkos

Senior Engineering Manager | Panther

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