Dec 3, 2021

New and Noteworthy

  • "Select all in system" option now available in the alert bulk selector to speed up mass alert triaging (docs)
  • CSV files, in addition to JSON, are now supported when generating or testing schemas in the UI (docs)


  • Upload and test sample data on Panther-managed schemas to ensure logs classify successfully prior to onboarding (docs)


  • Improved log source onboarding experience that revamps prior UI, clarifies options, and simplifies onboarding steps
  • Log drop-off alarms now support custom time intervals for more granular alerting when log sources become inactive

Bug Fixes

  • Custom schema name error: This fixes an error with custom schema names by supporting multiple dots
  • Panther Analysis Tool key value error: This fixes an error with filtering on "enabled" when using PAT
  • Timestamp format error: This fixes a timestamp format error in Snowflake database connections

Previous Releases

v1.25 Nov 9, 2021
v1.24 Oct 22, 2021
v1.23 Sep 28, 2021