Oct 22, 2021

New and Noteworthy

  • Users can now drill down into indicator search timeline results for more impactful searches (docs)


  • Policies now support dynamic titles and fields so policy fail alerts can have more context (docs)
  • Salesforce log puller now supports daily file intervals in addition to hourly file intervals (docs)
  • Since/between macros now supports custom timestamps for custom date range searches (docs)


  • Panther now displays "Scanned Bytes" when running queries in Data Explorer and Indicator Search
  • Enable and disable large groups of detections at a time with a mass action button in the UI
  • Classification error and S3 Get.Object error alerts now have a “view in Data Explorer” action
  • Users can now shift-click a range of alerts in the UI and perform mass actions
  • New create/modify permission for saved queries for more granular role-based access controls

Bug Fixes

  • Pivot icon appears for ‘null’ values: this fixes an issue with the Pivot action appearing for ‘null’ fields
  • Menu text squeezes on small screens: this fixes menu texts from squeezing on small screens
  • OAuth2 token resets after refresh: this fixes Box OAuth2 token from resetting after refreshing

Previous Releases

v1.23 Sep 28, 2021
v1.22 Sep 3, 2021
v1.21 Aug 19, 2021