Sep 28, 2021

New and Noteworthy

  • Support for CloudWatch Logs as a Data Transport to better monitor AWS resources (docs)


  • Ability to exclude certain S3 prefixes when onboarding an S3 bucket for better filtering when onboarding data
  • Support for downloading all entities (detections, data models, etc.) from the Bulk Uploader page in the UI
  • Support for secure views for all Panther tables for easier table sharing in Snowflake


  • Log pullers now make requests through an internet gateway so users can whitelist the gateway's IP
  • Panther now validates unique IntegrationLabel & S3-prefix combinations to better ensure successful S3 onboarding

Bug Fixes

  • p_alert_context incorrectly displayed as text: This fixes the Panther standard field p_alert_context to display as type variant in Snowflake
  • Indicator Search time window not working: This fixes an error with the Indicator Search time window being unresponsive in the UI
  • Bulk selection doesn't reset when manually deleting an entity: This fixes an error when users bulk select objects in the UI after deleting an entity

Previous Releases

v1.22 Sep 3, 2021
v1.21 Aug 19, 2021
v1.20 Jul 21, 2021