Aug 19, 2021

New and Noteworthy

  • All S3 sources will be configured with an alarm that generates alerts for S3 GetObject failures (docs)


  • Filter for "active/inactive" and "tags" added to the saved queries listing page for better searching


  • Export data models from the Panther UI to make edits locally and plug them into developer workflows

Bug Fixes

  • Queries missing from packs: scheduled queries now visible in UI for detection packs and bulk uploader
  • Events not displaying in alerts: this fixes an error with certain alerts not displaying events
  • OAuth2 token error: this fixes an OAuth2 token refresh error that blocked ingestion from Box sources

Previous Releases

v1.20 Jul 21, 2021
v1.19 Jun 30, 2021
v1.18 Jun 8, 2021
View and clone Panther-managed schemas in the UI for simpler schema management
Pivot from IP addresses, ARNs, and other indicators in alerts to investigate hits across data sources