Jul 21, 2021

New and Noteworthy

  • Pull your Github Audit logs with our new SaaS Log Puller (docs)


  • Export detection files from the UI as a .py and .yaml to more easily plug into development workflows


  • Log drop-off alarms for log sources now have configurable time intervals to customize alert delivery

Bug Fixes

  • Role permissions slow to change when edited: this fix speeds up updates to role permissions
  • Log drop-off alarm error: this fixes alerts misfiring from log sources before data is sent to Panther

Previous Releases

v1.19 Jun 30, 2021
v1.18 Jun 8, 2021
View and clone Panther-managed schemas in the UI for simpler schema management
Pivot from IP addresses, ARNs, and other indicators in alerts to investigate hits across data sources
v1.17 May 12, 2021
Create alarms to alert you when logs drop off from a log source or Panther loses permission
Pull your Salesforce logs with our new SaaS Log Puller
Pull your Microsoft Office 365 logs with our new SaaS Log Puller