Four and a half stars

“Panther was a refreshing change for our team. We got out of spending time managing servers and infrastructure. We also avoided a lot of costs by moving away from an expensive Splunk license.”

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See why modern security teams are moving to Panther

Traditional SIEM platforms have not kept pace with the demands of today’s cloud workloads, resulting in poor performance, exorbitant licensing costs and heavy operational burdens on security teams. Panther was founded by a team of veteran security practitioners who struggled with these challenges first-hand and built a platform to solve them.

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Compare Panther to Traditional SIEM

Traditional SIEM

Log aggregation

Gain full security visibility by collecting, normalizing and storing all security-relevant data in a cost-effective and high performance data lake.

Tolerate undue risk by picking and choosing which logs you really need to ingest, in order to keep cost and performance at acceptable levels.

Threat detection

Detect threats in real-time by analyzing logs as they are ingested, giving you the fastest possible time to detection.

Delay running detections until data is at rest, extending the time that attackers have to pivot and exfiltrate data.


Get answers quickly with the ability to run queries over terabytes of data in minutes, not hours or days. 

Wait hours or even days for large queries to complete, impeding critical incident investigation and response activities.

Detection fidelity

Write flexible, powerful detections using Python and standard CI/CD workflows that give you the alerts you need, while reducing noise.

Accept the limitations of proprietary detection languages that make writing, testing and maintaining complex detections challenging and inefficient.

Licensing cost

Reduce SIEM costs dramatically while gaining lightning-fast query speeds, with an efficient, highly scalable serverless architecture.

Pay skyrocketing costs to keep up with the growth of cloud app data, due to expensive, legacy server-based architecture.

Operational cost

Focus efforts on security rather than infrastructure management with a security analytics platform delivered with no operational overhead.

Divert time and energy away from security to grapple with burdensome system administration, DevOps, and capacity planning.

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