Panther for AWS


Panther’s cloud-native SIEM is built for AWS, empowering modern security teams to ensure real-time threat detection, log aggregation, incident response and continuous compliance.

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AWS Threat Detection Challenges

AWS Logs are Voluminous and Noisy

Cost and query times can skyrocket with traditional tools

Hard to normalize a lot of AWS logs

Logs siloed in AWS remain uncorrelated - leading to lack of visibility

Coverage Confusion, Inflexible Detection

Difficulty understanding security coverage for complex AWS environments

Hard to map detection coverage effectively to best-practice frameworks

Detection logic not customizable to specific environment requirements

Frustrating Security Engineering Ops

Challenging for security teams to prepare for AWS environment changes

Hard to test new detection logic with AWS data

Difficult to maintain version control on detection logic

AWS infrastructure and services are flexible and scalable. Detecting threats on AWS should be too.

Efficiently ingest & normalize AWS logs

Centralize organized AWS logs into a system that has visibility across the rest of their environment. Scale cost effectively alongside a growing AWS footprint. Perform quickly across massive amounts of log data.

  • 15+ pre-built schemas
  • Normalize on ingestion
  • Security data lake
  • Queries in seconds, not hours

The right detections for your AWS environment

Implement out-of-the-box detections aligned to best practice security frameworks like CIS and MITRE. Easily write custom or environment-specific detections.

  • 150+ out-of-the-box AWS detections and policies
  • MITRE ATT&CK mapping
  • Detections written in Python to enable easy customization

Security Operations that scale with AWS

Easily understand which detections are running, seamlessly test and update them, respond effectively to real-time alerts.

  • Detection-as-Code pioneer
  • Detection version control and easy rollback
  • Robust testing with real data
  • Enable seamless investigation workflows

The Magic Equation: AWS + Panther

Continuously monitor your AWS cloud infrastructure with policies-as-code for strong security and ongoing compliance.


With Panther, accelerate the ingestion and normalization of your AWS logs to get up & running quickly. Then, query massive amounts of data in seconds not hours.

Foundational Coverage

Start securing AWS with confidence with out-of-the-box coverage and easy-to-follow mapping to MITRE ATT&CK.

Operational Resilience

Detection and response workflows that react faster and more effectively to dynamic changes in AWS.


Test and tune detections for your AWS environment, and easily edit them in Python to meet organization-specific requirements.

Panther is now available for purchase on the AWS marketplace as a SaaS offering.