Panther for AWS


Panther’s cloud-native SIEM is built for AWS, empowering modern security teams to ensure real-time threat detection, log aggregation, incident response and continuous compliance.

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“Panther takes vast amounts of AWS security logs and provides normalization, real-time analysis, and a scalable data warehouse to store and query them.”

Dudi Matot, Principal Segment Lead, Security, AWS

10 Ways Panther is Designed To Secure Your AWS Environment

Monitor Logs and AWS Security

Aggregate all of your AWS security log data into a centralized, normalized single view. Leverage out-of-the box support for CloudTrail, GuardDuty Alerts, S3 Access logs, Application Load Balancers, VPC Network traffic flow, and many other types.

Threat Hunting and Investigations

Track attacker behaviors across your entire environment to proactively and reactively defend against sophisticated attacks.

Security Data Lake

Quickly create a security data lake, a structured security logs data warehouse without any overhead or data ops. Combine all of your security logs, both AWS and logs from other SaaS applications such as Okta, G Suite and hundreds of other environments.

Asset Discovery

Monitoring of Cloudtrail to automatically discover new assets and maintain an accurate inventory and history of all of your AWS cloud assets. Retroactively understand the state of all of your cloud assets and infrastructure to effectively investigate incidents and maintain strong security.

Real-Time Alerting

Detect suspicious activity as soon as it happens across your entire environment and dispatch helpful, contextual, and informative alerts. Get alerted in real-time about suspicious activity across your environment

Compliance and Security Frameworks Out-of-the-Box

Map detections to frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK and CIS to bootstrap and accelerate your compliance.

Fast Searches

Run fast searches with columnar data and unlimited computing power to detect incidents and accelerate security investigations and make it easy to quickly find the “needle in the haystack” dataset you need.

Correlate Activity Across All AWS logs

Track activity across your entire environment with normalized data to quickly gain a broader perspective of your AWS security posture and detect incidents across multiple logs and services.

Automated Response

Automate level-one alert triage so your team can focus on high-value tasks like investigations and detection engineering.

Detect Configuration Changes

Detect even minute configuration changes and store and maintain a complete history of AWS compliance scans in a robust security data lake.


The Power of Putting Panther in Charge

Panther combined with Amazon Web Services (AWS) can quickly become the world’s most powerful security duo.

Unified visibility across AWS infrastructure data

Effortlessly collect all security-relevant AWS log types like CloudTrail, Application Load Balancers, VPC Flow, Guard Duty, and more into a centralized and normalized single view.

Real-Time Alerts with Detection-as-Code

Ingest, parse, normalize, and analyze high volume AWS logs and store it for long-term retention, creating a well-structured and scalable security data lake.

Cloud Security Scanning in Real-Time

Scan all AWS infrastructure in real time and apply customizable scripts in Python to complicated policies to detect misconfigurations.

Triage Alerts and Correlate Activity

Apply normalization fields (IPs, domains, etc.) to all log records across all data sources, enabling fast and easy data correlation.

“With Panther, we’re able to enforce secure configurations across our Cloud Managed services with daily cloud scans and real-time alerts for misconfigurations, incompliant resources, and suspicious activity. ”

Matt Jezorek - VP of Security & Platform Abuse, Dropbox

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Keep AWS Logs From Running Wild

Deploy continuous AWS security monitoring with 150 out-of-the-box detections and get real-time alerts across all of your critical logs to detect threats, maintain compliance and effectively store all security data

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Putting Panther In Charge

AWS security tools and features operate seamlessly with Panther - in a simple and straightforward manner. Security logs from every AWS environment become searchable and digestible with the power of Panther.

  • Application Load Balancers
  • Fire Wall Events
  • Aurora MySWL Instances
  • Cloud Trail Events
  • Guard Duty Alerts
  • S3 Access Logs
  • VPC Networks Traffic Flow
  • Cloud Watch Events

The Magic Equation: AWS + Panther

Continuously monitor your AWS cloud infrastructure with policies-as-code for strong security and ongoing compliance.

Daily Cloud Scans

Monitor your entire AWS environment for changes and misconfigurations.

Complete Resource Visibility

Understand your cloud footprint by modeling AWS resources as JSON.

Configuration Changelogs

Store a history of AWS configurations for compliance in a robust security data lake.

Compliance Out-of-the-Box

Map detections to frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK and CIS to bootstrap your compliance.