Snowflake Security Monitoring

Security monitoring for Snowflake with out-of-the-box detections and rules to help security teams monitor activity and validate security configurations.

“Snowflake’s team of security experts partnered with Panther to develop this valuable security solution. By providing out-of-the box rules based on Snowflake security best practices, Panther enables Snowflake customers to detect and mitigate compromised users, insider threats and other risks to their Data Cloud environment.”

Omer SingerHead of Cybersecurity Strategy, Snowflake

8 Ways Panther Helps Secure Your Snowflake Data Cloud

Detect Configuration Changes to Snowflake

Built-in queries run regularly to detect potentially dangerous changes to the configuration of your Snowflake instance such as disabling MFA or changes to network policies.

Detect Unauthorized Access

Panther monitors for unauthorized users attempting to access your Snowflake instance as well as authorized users attempting to escalate their level of privilege within Snowflake. Additionally Panther will alert you if a user’s account is configured without MFA or SSO.

Monitor Supporting Infrastructure

Monitor services that support your Snowflake Data Cloud such as AWS, S3, Okta, and OneLogin and correlate events in Snowflake with events in those supporting services from one pane of glass.

Bring Your Own Snowflake

Panther is able to run on your pre-existing Snowflake instance which enables you to create reports and visualizations with the tools your team is already using, and correlate those findings to other data sources inside the Data Cloud.

Expand Your Threat Hunting to Snowflake

Proactively search for IOCs in Snowflake or any of its supporting services using Panther’s Indicator Search, an intuitive interface to search all of your log sources quickly for IP addresses, file hashes, domain names, and more.

Automated Response

Automate level-one alert triage so your team can focus on high-value tasks like investigations and detection engineering.

Compliance and Security Frameworks Out-of-the-Box

Map detections to frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK and CIS to bootstrap and accelerate your compliance.

Fast Searches

Run fast searches with unlimited computing power so you can accelerate threat detection and incident investigations.

“With Panther, we’re able to enforce secure configurations across our Cloud Managed services with daily cloud scans and real-time alerts for misconfigurations, incompliant resources, and suspicious activity.”

Matt JezorekVP of Security & Platform Abuse, Dropbox

Panther’s scalable and cost-effective security analytics platform ensures that security best practices for Snowflake are implemented, monitored and enforced, reducing risk and helping to ensure compliance.


With Panther for Snowflake, Snowflake event logs are aggregated, normalized and analyzed along with security events from other systems so security teams have greater visibility into potential threats across their entire IT infrastructure from cloud to on-premises.

Rapid Deployment

Seamless out-of-the-box security monitoring solution with built-in rules to monitor Snowflake instances.

Simple Security Enforcement

Security best practices for Snowflake are codified into Panther allowing continuous, real-time monitoring.

Long-term data retention

Raw logs are transformed into a structured data lake, immediately available for running even the largest queries in minutes.

Zero Ops Overhead

Avoid time-consuming system administration with a serverless, cloud-native architecture.

How to Implement Snowflake Security Best Practices with Panther

Learn how to secure your Snowflake Data Cloud with pre-built rules and detections based on Snowflakes’s own security best practices guide.

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