Release Notes

Check out our release notes to learn more about Panther's latest features, bug fixes, and security enhancements.

v1.48 Nov 29, 2022
Updated the Panther Console UI with improved contextual information to help users understand where they are at a glance.
v1.47 Nov 15, 2022
Alert Management in the Panther Console is now available to all customers.
v1.46 Nov 1, 2022
Pull SentinelOne Deep Visibility logs with Panther's new SentinelOne Cloud Funnel log puller.
v1.45 Oct 18, 2022
GCP Pub/Sub is now available as a data transport for ingesting custom data into Panther.
v1.44 Oct 4, 2022
Pull Sysdig audit logs for infrastructure monitoring with Panther’s new Sysdig log puller.
v1.43 Sep 20, 2022
The Intercom Messenger, Panther’s in-app service for customer support, is now available through the Panther Console.