Sep 20, 2022

New and Noteworthy

  • The Intercom Messenger, Panther’s in-app service for customer support, is now available through the Panther Console.
    • To open a ticket through the Intercom Messenger, click the chat icon in the bottom-right corner of the Panther Console.
    • A survey to rate your satisfaction with Panther support is included at the end of customer support interactions made through the Intercom Messenger.
    • Panther support will also continue to be available through Slack.
    • This feature is available only to customers with a Panther-managed backend.


  • Route alerts by log type to Destinations.
    • When creating or editing an alert Destination, a new Log Types dropdown menu allows you to select which log types are sent to that Destination.

Now Generally Available


  • A dropdown menu has been added to the Data Replay page which allows you to quickly select pre-set date ranges.
  • Panther’s Okta log puller now supports EMEA domains.
  • The color contrast and location of Panther Console notifications has been adjusted for improved accessibility.
  • Panther’s CloudFormation deployment parameters have been updated.

Panther Developer Workflows

  • panther-analysis has been updated to version 1.35, which includes the following enhancements:
    • A detection for GitHub’s Advanced Security Tools (Dependabot and Secret Scanner) has been added.
    • A detection for 0ktapus has been added.
    • Various other enhancements and bug fixes.

Closed Betas

  • In closed beta: Alert Management, a native alert management feature, has been added to the Panther Console.
    • Assign alerts to Panther users, add comments with rich text support, and view an activity history of alert updates all from the Panther Console.
    • This feature is available only to select customers in a closed beta at this time.
  • In closed beta: Panther Config SDK, a new version of writing detections, is now in early release.
    • Write and modify detections through modular Python that can be reused and layered on other detections using the new composable format.
    • This feature is available only to select customers in a closed beta at this time.
  • In closed beta: Custom HTTP webhook headers are now supported.
    • Multiple custom HTTP header key-value pairs can be entered, which will be added to the header of HTTP calls made to the webhook URL.
    • HTTP headers can contain authentication information.
    • This feature is available only to select customers in a closed beta at this time.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that produced UI errors when writing a detection with bad test data.
  • Fixed a bug that caused classification errors older than 14 days to not appear in the Events Classification graph.

Previous Releases

v1.42 Sep 6, 2022
The Panther Console navigation has been redesigned to improve the user experience and streamline workflows.
v1.41 Aug 23, 2022
In closed beta: assign role-based access control (RBAC) per log type in the Data Explorer.
v1.40 Aug 9, 2022
New schemas added for AWS, GCP, Suricata, and Zeek.