Bring Your Security Data to Life

Panther alleviates the pain of traditional SIEM with detection-as-code, a robust security data lake, and huge scalability with zero-ops.

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Uncompromising Security

Built for Scale

Process and retain all of your security data with zero-ops and cloud-first workflows

Real-Time Alerting

Identify suspicious activity as soon as it happens across your entire environment


Build a high-fidelity alerting pipeline with Python, version control, unit tests, and CI/CD

Security Data Lake

Transform raw logs into a structured data warehouse for security at scale


Leading Security Teams Trust Panther

Panther Labs Named to the Enterprise Tech 30

Inductees to the ET30 are on a fast track of growth to change how business is done and are expected to be future IPOs and multi-billion dollar exits.

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Panther Labs Named Snowflake Cybersecurity Partner of the Year

Panther Labs was recognized for its achievements as part of Snowflake’s partner ecosystem, helping joint customers’ security teams analyze large amounts of security data with code-driven automation and developer-friendly workflows.

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Research and Insight Into Cybersecurity

Reduce false positives with GreyNoise threat intelligence in Panther

With our new GreyNoise integration, security teams can stay focused on critical alerts by ruling out internet background noise in their detection and alerting logic.


How to Detect and Investigate Threats with Panther

Learn how Panther helps modern security teams detect and investigate threats quickly, at cloud-scale and with zero ops overhead.


Tines COO Thomas Kinsella: How to Remove the Barriers That Prevent Security Teams From Doing Their Best Work

Learn more abut what it's like to transition from a security practitioner to a startup founder and how tools like Tines and Panther can be used to transform the way security teams operate.