Built for the Security Teams Engineering the Future of Detection & Response

Panther alleviates the pain of traditional SIEMs with detection-as-code, a robust security data lake, and high scalability with zero-ops.

Log Management

Centralize security logs using native integrations with most common cloud, SaaS and On-Prem applications

Threat Detection

Hundreds of OOTB Detections using Python or No Code based Rule filters, all backed by Detection-as-Code (DaC)

Investigation & Response

Search IOCs within minutes or perform deeper investigations on historical data kept 'always hot' with 365 days+ retention

How It Works

Panther is a modern SIEM that transforms terabytes of raw logs per day into a structured security data lake to power real-time detection, swift incident response, and thorough investigations.


Do More With Your Data

Analyze your data, triage alerts, and remediate incidents using the tools your teams love

Google Workspace

Identify any suspicious activity within your Google Workspace applications.


AWS CloudTrail

Identify any suspicious activity within your AWS infrastructure.



Monitor Okta logs to gain complete visibility into your IdP activity.



Identify any vulnerabilities within your GitHub repositories.



Monitor your password management platform for suspicious activity.



Monitor your team’s communication platform for suspicious activity.



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Research and Insight Into Cybersecurity

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