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How to Implement Snowflake Security Best Practices with Panther

As more and more organizations choose Snowflake as their cloud data platform, it is critical that they monitor their Snowflake environment for insecure configurations and other potential security risks.

Snowflake and Panther have partnered to deliver Panther For Snowflake, which includes built-in rules to ensure that Snowflake’s own security best practices are implemented, monitored and enforced.

Snowflake’s Principal Security Architect, Mike Mitrowski and Panther’s Senior Detections Engineer, Ben Sebastian discuss best practices around securing your Snowflake Data Cloud.

You’ll also learn how to: 

  • Detect changes to critical Snowflake security settings
  • Monitor Snowflake instances with out-of-the-box security rules
  • Conduct effective and contextualized security investigations 
  • Analyze past threats to proactively prevent attacks


Ben Sebastian

Ben Sebastian

Senior Detections Engineer @ Panther Labs
Mike Mitrowski

Mike Mitrowski

Principal Security Architect @ Snowflake

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