Jan 31, 2024

New and Noteworthy


  • Improved the helper text for errors and alerts on the log sources page and log source details page to make it easier to understand how to resolve issues.

Panther Developer Workflows


  • Quickly investigate your data using the new OR filters, filter groups, and IoC searching functionalities in the Panther Search tool.

Previous Releases

v1.96 Jan 25, 2024
Use our newly released support for Parquet files to ingest, analyze, and detect off of even more of your data. Ingest Microsoft Defender and Azure Monitor logs using this new functionality.
v1.95 Jan 17, 2024
panther-analysis version 3.32.0 was released, featuring four new detections for Notion, improvements to existing Notion detections, and other enhancements. 
v1.94 Jan 11, 2024
panther_analysis_tool versions 0.35.0 and 0.35.2 were released, featuring added support for testing Derived Detections with inheritance and overrides along with other improvements.