Jan 17, 2024

New and Noteworthy

  • panther-analysis version 3.32.0 was released, featuring four new detections for Notion, improvements to existing Notion detections, and other enhancements. 
  • Added the permission, invitee, and inviter fields to the GitHub.Audit schema.
  • Now generally available: use the new Summary tab on search results to quickly understand what is and is not important when triaging an alert, investigating a potential breach, or threat hunting.
    • New for this release: create inclusive and exclusive filters from the summary chart.


  • Updated search results filter chips that support arrays to work better with filter in / filter out functionality.

Panther Developer Workflows

  • panther_analysis_tool version 0.36.0 was released, containing the following improvements:
    • When running PAT tests on derived detections, if base detections are not found locally, unit tests can now be fetched remotely.
    • Other improvements and fixes.

Previous Releases

v1.94 Jan 11, 2024
panther_analysis_tool versions 0.35.0 and 0.35.2 were released, featuring added support for testing Derived Detections with inheritance and overrides along with other improvements.
v1.93 Dec 13, 2023
Added detection inheritance for Python detections and Simple Detections.
v1.92 Dec 6, 2023
Use our new Splunk alert destination to send Panther alerts to Splunk.