Nov 9, 2023

New and Noteworthy

  • Significantly improved the load time of the Log Sources page in the Panther Console.
    • The most recently created log sources will now show up at the top of the Log Sources page. 
    • You can click on the number of unhealthy log sources in the overview to show these sources at the top of the sources list for easier troubleshooting and reference.
  • Added the ability to manually resize columns in the search results table. 

Panther Developer Workflows


Previous Releases

v1.88 Nov 6, 2023
Added support for GCP, Google Workspace, Azure, and Microsoft 365 audit logs to the Panther Core Fields (UDM)
v1.87 Oct 26, 2023
Onboard AWS Security Hub data with our new built-in log source integration.
v1.86 Oct 12, 2023
Make use of our new Panther Core Fields, which make up Panther’s Unified Data Model, to normalize data from various sources into a consistent structure while maintaining context.