Oct 12, 2023

New and Noteworthy

The preceding features are in open beta and available to all customers.

Now Generally Available


  • Added the isArchived field to the Panther schemas public API to enable easy searching for archived and non-archived schemas.

Bug Fixes

  • Panther Audit Log Sources will no longer trigger log drop-off alarms.
  • The % character may no longer be used in rule and policy IDs. When using panther_analysis_tool, use of the % character will cause schema checks for all ids and display names to fail.

Previous Releases

v1.85 Oct 5, 2023
Use our new unified Search experience to search across all of your data—including log events, rule matches, and more—without writing SQL.
v1.84 Sep 27, 2023
Now generally available: Infer schemas from data streamed into Panther for custom HTTP log sources.
v1.83 Sep 20, 2023
Now generally available: Pull log data directly from your Azure container by using our Azure Blob Storage Data Transport integration.