Mar 22, 2023

New and Noteworthy

  • You can now rotate your Panther API token via the Panther Console or the Panther API, enabling you to more easily enhance your security practices.
    • Rotating your token regularly can help protect it from being compromised.
    • Once rotated, the previous token is no longer valid.

Schema Changes

  • Added SAML SSO fields to GitHub.Audit to support a GitHub private beta which augments existing audit log events with the SAML identity associated with the organization.
  • Updated Amazon.EKS.Audit to ensure nested fields capture all event types.


  • Made the following enhancements to rule filters:
    • You can now use a comma as a delimiter when entering a string value. This allows you to add a single string that includes a comma or enter several values delimited by a comma.
    • Added suggested search to the operator field in addition to the dropdown menu.
  • When viewing an S3 bucket’s raw data in the Panther Console as you onboard a custom log source and configure a schema, you can now click to view JSON in the Raw Events section.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where schema testing from sample data did not produce the same output for timestamp fields when compared to the log processor.