Mar 16, 2023


  • Data Replay now includes rule filters and fully supports event threshold settings, enhancing your ability to test whether a detection is behaving as expected. This feature is available to all Panther customers in open beta.
  • Added a command to pantherlog, pantherlog list-schemas, to list available Panther-managed schemas.
  • Added input hints, which provide suggestions for expected values, to value fields when editing detections in the Panther Console.

Panther Developer Workflows

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where retries were absent from certain DynamoDB and Lambda timeouts.
  • In the Detections edit page under the “Functions & Tests” tab, the “Run Test” and “Run All” buttons now work correctly when the Unit Test field is in a collapsed state.

Previous Releases

v1.57 Mar 9, 2023
Added support for programmatically creating, editing, and deleting cloud accounts through the Panther API for Cloud Security Scanning via policies.
v1.56 Mar 1, 2023
In an alert’s “Details” tab in the Panther Console, the event JSON section is now expanded by default.
v1.55 Feb 22, 2023
Added support for MAC address indicators. MAC addresses can now be used in Indicator Search directly or by pivoting from an alert’s details page.