Mar 9, 2023

New and Noteworthy

In Open Beta


  • Added additional information to error messages caused by search timeouts about the number of objects and volume of data searched.
  • In the Detections edit page under the “Functions & Tests” tab, repositioned Unit Test buttons and updated the read-only Unit Test view. 

Panther Developer Workflows


Previous Releases

v1.56 Mar 1, 2023
In an alert’s “Details” tab in the Panther Console, the event JSON section is now expanded by default.
v1.55 Feb 22, 2023
Added support for MAC address indicators. MAC addresses can now be used in Indicator Search directly or by pivoting from an alert’s details page.
v1.54 Feb 14, 2023
Use our new Rule Filters in the Panther Console to quickly tune existing rules without writing code.