Feb 17, 2022

New and Noteworthy


  • Alerts delivered to Slack destinations now include the AlertContext field.
  • Detection pages in the Panther dashboard now include information about who the detection was created by and who last modified it.
  • Destination failure error messages now contain specific information about the affected destination, integration, and time frame.
  • All steps in the Cloud Account onboarding experience are now active to simplify editing a Cloud Account after initial setup.
  • Data Explorer query downloads now include the query name and date.
  • The DataLakeForwarderMemory and LogProcessorGzipLevel fields have been added to Panther's CloudFormation deployment templates.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented users without user-read or token-api-read permissions from being able to see the Alerts & Errors page in the Panther dashboard.
  • Fixed a bug that searched AWS AccountIDs when performing an Indicator Search for ARNs with Auto Detect Type enabled.