Feb 17, 2022

New and Noteworthy


  • Alerts delivered to Slack destinations now include the AlertContext field.
  • Detection pages in the Panther dashboard now include information about who the detection was created by and who last modified it.
  • Destination failure error messages now contain specific information about the affected destination, integration, and time frame.
  • All steps in the Cloud Account onboarding experience are now active to simplify editing a Cloud Account after initial setup.
  • Data Explorer query downloads now include the query name and date.
  • The DataLakeForwarderMemory and LogProcessorGzipLevel fields have been added to Panther's CloudFormation deployment templates.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented users without user-read or token-api-read permissions from being able to see the Alerts & Errors page in the Panther dashboard.
  • Fixed a bug that searched AWS AccountIDs when performing an Indicator Search for ARNs with Auto Detect Type enabled.

Previous Releases

v1.28 Feb 3, 2022
v1.27 Jan 27, 2022
v1.26 Dec 3, 2021