Jun 30, 2021

New and Noteworthy

  • Logs that have failed to normalize due to a parsing error will now generate misclassification alerts (docs)


  • Updated “Alerts & Errors” page that displays detection matches, detection errors, and system errors clearly


  • Pivot off of p_any fields in the “summary” tab of an alert details page for faster data pivots
  • Quickly copy JSON values in Data Explorer when conducting investigations on indicators

Bug Fixes

  • Schema cloning error: This fixes an error that adds "CopyCopy" to a schema’s ID when cloning it

Previous Releases

v1.18 Jun 8, 2021
View and clone Panther-managed schemas in the UI for simpler schema management
Pivot from IP addresses, ARNs, and other indicators in alerts to investigate hits across data sources
v1.17 May 12, 2021
Create alarms to alert you when logs drop off from a log source or Panther loses permission
Pull your Salesforce logs with our new SaaS Log Puller
Pull your Microsoft Office 365 logs with our new SaaS Log Puller
v1.16 Mar 31, 2021
Analyze historical data and generate scheduled alerts with Scheduled Queries
Quickly view your query history and rerun past queries in the UI
Simplified detection management with "detection packs"