May 12, 2021

New and Noteworthy

  • Create alarms to alert you when logs drop off from a log source or Panther loses permission
  • Pull your Salesforce logs with our new SaaS Log Puller
  • Pull your Microsoft Office 365 logs with our new SaaS Log Puller


  • Create and manage detection packs from a custom source like GitHub for better detection management


  • Simplify log source, cloud account, and alert destinations management in the new "unified" integrations page
  • View summaries of log ingestion, logs processed, and other metrics in the new "unified" overview page
  • Visualize data ingestion in Panther with new data usage metrics on the overview page
  • Deploying in AWS China is now supported with limited functionality

Bug Fixes

  • Process logs from an unlimited number of AWS accounts: this fixes a previous limit where you could onboard logs from up to 20 AWS accounts
  • Send scheduled rule matches/errors alerts to destinations: this fixes an error with the alert type failing to reach destinations
  • View the correct amount of resources failing with policies: this fixes an incorrect metric on the cloud security overview page