Mar 31, 2021

New and Noteworthy

  • Analyze historical data and generate scheduled alerts with Scheduled Queries
  • Quickly view your query history and rerun past queries in the UI
  • Simplified detection management with "detection packs"


  • Exclude specific regions and/or resource types in Cloud Security scans
  • Onboard your Slack Integration and Access logs through with our Slack log puller
  • Map default alert destinations by "type" for Rule and Policy Detections


  • Unified Detections Page: Writing and searching Rules, Policies, and now, Scheduled Rules, have been consolidated into a new top-level Detections page
  • Unified Alerts Page: Similar to the change above, all generated alerts for these new detection types have been placed into a new, top-level alerts page that displays all alert types

Bug Fixes

  • VPC Flow logs parser outputs invalid data: this fixes reports of seeing invalid accountIDs in VPC Flow Logs data
  • Cloud Security scanner only handles some rate limit errors: the Cloud Security scanner now has the logic needed to handle more rate-limiting errors
  • Panther fails for 0 size files: Panther log processor will no longer fail if it encounters a 0-size file in S3

Previous Releases

v1.15 Mar 1, 2021
Health monitoring for Snowflake to validate your logs are flowing as expected
Pull your Duo logs with our new SaaS log puller.
Cloud Security scan history is now stored in your data lake