Mar 31, 2021

New and Noteworthy

  • Analyze historical data and generate scheduled alerts with Scheduled Queries
  • Quickly view your query history and rerun past queries in the UI
  • Simplified detection management with "detection packs"


  • Exclude specific regions and/or resource types in Cloud Security scans
  • Onboard your Slack Integration and Access logs through with our Slack log puller
  • Map default alert destinations by "type" for Rule and Policy Detections


  • Unified Detections Page: Writing and searching Rules, Policies, and now, Scheduled Rules, have been consolidated into a new top-level Detections page
  • Unified Alerts Page: Similar to the change above, all generated alerts for these new detection types have been placed into a new, top-level alerts page that displays all alert types

Bug Fixes

  • VPC Flow logs parser outputs invalid data: this fixes reports of seeing invalid accountIDs in VPC Flow Logs data
  • Cloud Security scanner only handles some rate limit errors: the Cloud Security scanner now has the logic needed to handle more rate-limiting errors
  • Panther fails for 0 size files: Panther log processor will no longer fail if it encounters a 0-size file in S3