Built In Recognizes Panther as Top Workplace in Industry!

I am thrilled to share that Panther was recently recognized by BuiltIn in several categories: in the U.S., in San Francisco (where our physical headquarters is), and Remote (where the vast majority of our team is based). We are delighted to earn these accolades from a leader in connecting exceptional tech talent with great startup jobs. These awards are a testament to our team – what they do for each other and for our customers every day to help Panther make security monitoring fast, flexible, and scalable for all security teams.

Best Place to Work awards like this are not the result of a one time initiative or a single person or team. When I reflect on what sets Panther apart, I continually return to the way everyone at the company strives to live our values on a daily basis. Our values of Be An Owner, Create Customer Love, and Take Care of the Team provide a north star for how we treat each other and our customers, but these values alone cannot convey the passion that every Pantherino brings to supporting each other and enriching our culture. Whether people are helping our customers, voting in our Halloween candy bracket (sorry, Sour Patch Kids – I thought you had it), or participating in our Great Panther Bake-Off, Pantherinos keep community and collaboration at the center of everything we do.

While having fun together is core to our culture, no amount of whimsy can take the place of caring. Our employee satisfaction simply comes down to this: we care. And by “we”, I truly mean everyone at Panther. Culture starts with leaders, but it certainly does not end there. Every day, we see examples of employees showing how much they care by centering our values and our mission.

A critical part of our Be An Owner value is thinking about ways to raise the bar and challenge ourselves to increase our impact and drive better and better results. When I think about what this means for 2024 from a people perspective at Panther, we have an incredible opportunity to continue to invest in growth of our team, providing our existing team members opportunities to expand their scope, impact, and capabilities or explore entirely new functions. In addition to growth, we will continue our journey on increasing pay transparency, and building a team that is increasingly more representative and inclusive. I know that, whatever exciting milestones lie ahead, we will continue to nurture and improve our culture because of the commitment to making Panther the best place to work that I see every day from every Pantherino.

Once more, I want to thank everyone who makes our company such a special place to work, because this recognition does not happen by accident. In addition to a thanks, I also want to extend an invitation – join us at Panther. Learn about our open roles here, read more about our values and culture, or follow us on LinkedIn and X! We cannot wait to show you what makes Panther such a remarkable company.

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