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The Future of Cybersecurity Careers with Cisco Security Business Group CISO Helen E. Patton

Join us for an exciting fireside chat on the future of cybersecurity jobs with Helen E. Patton, author of the book "Navigating the Cybersecurity Career Path". We’ll discuss current and emerging trends in the industry and how you can navigate your career path to be successful in this field now and into the future.

Helen will discuss hot topics in the industry, such as the impact of data science on the future of cybersecurity careers, and share insights from her book on how to enter, excel and lead in the industry.

Watch the webinar today for this exciting opportunity to learn from a leading expert in the field of cybersecurity.


Helen E. Patton

Helen E. Patton

CISO @ Cisco Security Business Group
Ken Westin

Ken Westin

Field CISO @ Panther

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